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This exclusive authorised collection of art, derived directly from Bob Ross's own paintings, offers his legions of fans a contemplative, relaxing, and inspiring way to connect with the work and personality of the pop-culture icon.

Featuring many of Rosss' most famous quotes and catchphrases about happy little trees, friendly squirrels, and more, the book also includes a gallery of his original artwork. But as he would no doubt want, colouring fans of all ages are encouraged to make their own decisions, embrace their mistakes, and make each painting their own.

Bob Ross is a cult figure around the world among varying age groups, especially Generation X. And everyone agrees he is about more than just painting. His fans few of whom identify themselves as artists agree that his quiet, nurturing disposition is a form of therapy, making his work the absolutely perfect subject of an adult colouring book.

This colouring book presents more than 75 line drawings created from Bob's own artwork.