Schneider Slider Edge ballpen - 'the page surfer'. Viscoglide ink for exceptionally easy and smooth writing. Viscoglide is a hybrid ink combining the best of traditional ballpoint ink with the virtues of gel ink - smooth, fast-drying, vivid colour, starts writing immediately every time. Extra Braod line width (XB). The ink dries quickly - even on smooth paper - and is smudge proof when highlighting it later on. Ideally suited to drawing and painting projects because the special ink will not run even on absorbent paper. The Slider Edge series has a generously rubberised barrel with a triangular profile for a relaxed grip. It won't roll off your desk either. The stainless-steel tip is wear-resistant and ensures that the large ink volume is accurately and cleanly dispensed until the end. The Slider Edge is produced CO2 neutral. Schneider is a leading international brand for writing instruments from Germany. Ink cartridges, ballpoint pens, highlighters, fountain pens and many other writing utensils are developed and produced at their headquarters in Schramberg-Tennenbronn/Black Forest and at their site in Wernigerode/Harz. Their fountain pens, ink rollerballs and Fineliners likewise bear the "Made in Germany" quality seal. Schneider has a long tradition of quality: they have been producing writing utensils to the highest standards for 80 years.