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Posting in the UK or overseas? How to perfectly address your mail

We live for celebrating moments that matter and quite often that means sending cards and gifts to your friends and family by post. This handy guide will walk you through perfectly addressing your mail to make sure your birthday cards, letters, anniversary gifts or whatever lovely thing you are sending, gets to it's intended destination safely and swiftly.

Despite the massive shift to online services, social media, email and SMS (ew), people are relentless in their love of receiving cards and gifts through the post. It's easy to get giddy when a bunch of cards land on the doormat on our birthday. And quite right too! You know the sender has invested time in finding the absolutely perfect card for you or the gift that only you could appreciate and you can't help but get a fuzzy feeling from that meaningful and real connection.

If you still need inspiration for the perfect birthday card, want to find a quirky card to just say hi, or are looking for some gift ideas, our site is packed full of incredible products from well known brands like Leuchtturm1917 to inspiring indies like Hunter Paper Co.


Sending to someone in the UK?

Maybe it's your maiden posting voyage or perhaps it's been a while since you sent something - fret not! The best format for addressing UK mail is:

  • Addressee's full name
  • House number/name and street name
  • Locality name (if relevant)
  • City or town (write this in block capitals)
  • Full postcode (write this in block capitals)

Write each line aligned to the left, not in the centre and avoid using full stops or commas. 

If you need help finding the postcode for the recipient and only know part of the address, you can look it up here.

We always recommend putting your return address on the reverse of the item. Not only does it mean that if your item isn't delivered for any reason, it will be returned to you, but it also means that the recipient knows where to respond or send a thank you note. Just mark it as RETURN above your own UK address. 


Sending something internationally?

Some countries have entirely different postal systems to the UK, however the following format is a good guide to use:

  • Addressee's full name
  • House number/name and street name
  • City or town (write this in block capitals)
  • Province or state and full area/postcode (write this in block capitals)
  • Country (write this in English and block capitals)

If you are sending your item within Europe we'd recommend noting the postcode to the left of the town eg. 75008 Paris. 

Don't forget to add your UK return address on the reverse of the item so it can be returned to you if it is undelivered.

When sending mail out of the UK, you will need to complete a Customs Declaration. You can get a customs label at your local Post Office or online. These need to be attached to the item, so leave room on the front top left of your item so it can be stuck on without covering any of the address.


And that's it ready to go...

All that is left to do is post your lovingly thought out and put together package or card. The best and easiest place to post your mail is of course your local Post Office. The team there will be able to advise you on the best method of posting and will happily help you with any questions about customs or cover for valuable items for example. You can find your local Post Office here.

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